Sunday, 30 March 2014

Good painting weather

Another two days of wonderful weekend weather!

Alex and I went on Saturday and found that Paul had finished rebuilding the cockpit and stripped and refinished the mast. He'd given it one thinned coat of varnish and says he'll be back through the week to put on as many coats of varnish as he can. Julian put one on on Sunday too.

The rudder got its second coat of antifoul, so everything below the waterline is done. The foredeck got a coat of masonry paint on Saturday, then I painted inside the bulwarks and beneath them where Paul resealed the deck first thing on Sunday.

The cockpit fibreglass was under-coated on Saturday, and masonry painted on Sunday. All the woodwork in the cockpit is sanded down and waiting for varnish. I think we'll do that once we've launched and are away from the dust of the yard.

The anchor and chain are back on board, Julian greased the chain as we loaded it, and freed up any stuck links with a hammer. He wants to be reminded to grease the chain when we take it off next time...

The new diesel lift pump was fitted last week, and the engine de-winterised. There was a little diesel in the bilges when I checked them, so I moped them out. Hopefully that will be the last of it! I washed down the remaining cabin paint on Saturday (apart from a couple of bits I missed) and we took along the seat cushions on Sunday. The cabin is back in commission!

The galley adaptation is coming along well, but I'm running pretty short of formica since I need to cut a new piece for the side as well as beneath the hob. I think I'll end up piecing bits together...

Alex is varnishing the blocks for me, and he's nearly finished them. Just as well since we need to dress the mast next weekend. I'm really looking forward to getting Robinetta back in the water again. It's been ages since I went sailing!

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