Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Touching up the paintwork

The weather has been dry for the past two weeks, so I have visited Robinetta a few times to start getting her ready for the season. With no rain, and the stern gland repacked, the bilges are staying dry, which is great. I have washed down the cabin paintwork, so she is looking much better inside.

Outside I have been touching up the paintwork, so she is a bit of a patchwork of Toplac and pre-coat, but one more visit should see Toplac everywhere. We will wait for a few more weeks before hauling her out to hose down and re-antifoul her. Life is going to be a bit hectic for a couple of months and we will have no time to sail Robinetta so there is no point getting her bottom clean only to see it grow weed again before we use her!

Alex has cleaned up the foredeck and put a couple of refresh coats of Deks no 1 on the teak work.

Julian fettled up the toilet thru-hulls and had a look at the electrics. The battery charge controller that he put in back in October has given up the ghost already, preventing the solar panel from charging the batteries. Luckily the second battery still had a good charge and started the engine, so we could recharge both. He took the controller out of the system.