Saturday, 7 November 2009

Lovely Day!

Seems like ages since we went out on Robinetta. After a weekend on a Dufour 40 and three days on a Swan 38 it was interesting getting used to her again.

When we got there the working battery was flat - 8 volts! But the other battery was fine and we got a good charge back in during the day. We think the solar cell had been too much in the shade. It was throwing out 25 V in the sun so definitely working.

So much to get wrong! We managed to get the starboard jib sheet on the wong side of the staysail.

But the weather was gorgeous. Perfect blue sky, 12-15 knots of wind. We went out into the bay and around Stone Banks and then up the Orwell to Woolverstone to have a look at the Marina in case we sail up to the AGM next week.

Jolie Brise took our picture and posted them on yourboatpix. Many thanks.