Sunday, 23 March 2014

Feels like progress

I finished rebuilding the heads over the weekend after Julian fettled up the sea-cocks, but most of my time was spent making a new infill for the galley work surface so we can fit the new hob. It's only 5mm outdoor ply, not 8mm marine quality like the rest of the galley, but its not going to be taking any of the weight of the hob and is only there to stop things falling down the gap. I want to cover the top with formica so it matches the rest though!

I put a second layer of Woodskin on the bits, but it was much too windy for varnishing the cap-rails. I did sand down the teak plugs that Julian fitted on the stern cap-rail though. It's looking good!

The foredeck bulwarks will get painted when the cockpit ones are done. I'll wait until Paul's finished to do that.
Alex came along on Sunday and repainted a smeary looking area of the topsides, then he moved inside and washed, rinsed, sanded, and painted the hull inside the cabin. It looks so much cleaner now!

We decided to leave the cabin ceiling another year, and the cupboards and benches will just get a scrub before the cushions get put on board. It feels like huge progress.

The last job of the weekend, just before it started to hail, was transferring on the vinyl lettering we bought at the ExCel Boatshow. The last set we bought survived without damage for 5 years, until we stripped all the paint off, so I was happy to used the system again.  Robinetta is now clearly identifiable! It makes going into strange ports easier if everyone can see who you are.

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