Sunday, 9 March 2014

A productive weekend

A great couple of days working on Robinetta. Alex and I went on Saturday, and he prepared the hull above the water line for a coat of Toplac, while I took the winter covers off, put a coat of undercoat on in the forepeak, and grey metallic on the caulking Paul did on the foredeck. Julian stayed home and took off Worm's gunwales in between doing stuff for his OU course.

On Sunday Alex painted the hull, so Robinetta is now a beautiful blue all over her topsides again. The weather was perfect for it, sunny and warm so the paint dried well, but not so hot that it went off too quickly. Julian fitted the repaired cap-rail back to the cockpit and fully disassembled the rotten cockpit locker so Paul will have an easier time when he rebuilds it. I finished painting the forepeak, so it bright and white above the shelves and clean grey beneath. I hope to be able to rebuild the anchor and sail lockers next weekend.

The main activity of the day, and the reason all three of us went, was to re-hang the rudder. It went back easily, so that is a milestone passed in the winter work!

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