Friday, 2 October 2015

Season Totals

We had two distinct cruises this year. The first took us up to Stornoway, in three weeks, while the second brought us back south to cruise inside the Clyde. These were bookmarked by delivery trips, one from last winter's storage at Cairnbaan, and one to this winter storage at Fairlie Quay. In view of this I thought I should compare the different cruises as well as compile the totals.

Cairnbaan to Tobermory, plus daysail towards Coll. 15-18 April
Engine hours      17.75
passage hours    20.5 
distance              79
days under way    3
nights on boards  4

Tobermory to Stornoway 23rd May to 13th June

Engine hours      32.5 hrs
passage hour s   91.5 hrs
distance            282.5nm
days under way  13
nights on boards 21

Stornoway to Holy Loch 13-27 July 
Engine hours       70
passage hours     96
distance             302nm
days under way   11
nights on boards 15

Holy Loch to Fairlie Quay 25-27 September 
Engine hours      7.5
passage hours     8
distance             30
days under way   1
nights on boards 2

Year totals 
Engine hours    127.75
passage hours   216
distance            693.5
days under way   28
nights on boards 42

This year, like last, we got a lot of sailing compared to maintenance time. Robinetta is showing the lack now, with some rot in the bulwarks and shabby paint and varnish. She is in a shed this winter, so there is no excuse for not painting her properly and repairing the various leaks round the hatches!