Monday, 28 January 2013

Too cold!

It's been too cold to go to Robinetta, so we've abandoned her for nearly a month... Feels like it anyway! It's even felt too cold to go in the garage and work on the hatch we brought home.

Have managed to do something though; having gone to the boat show and spent too much money on new wet weather gear (I needed it!) I spent more today on a small stainless steel sink to replace the "ice-cream tub" we had before. Once that comes, and with the weather (hopefully) warming up I won't have any more excuses for not getting on with rebuilding the galley.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year, more work

It's time to make a start on getting Robinetta ready to go back in the water. There's not nearly as much to do this year as last, but rebuilding the galley's going to take time, and we might need to replace part of the port cockpit bulwark too.

Julian and I went to Mersea today to take measurements on the galley, and do some regular maintenance. We brought the heads and galley thru-hulls home to give them a thorough clean, plus the heads pump and tubing. We had some horrid smells last year, which we don't want again.

We've also removed the fore-hatch so we can reseal and varnish it in dry conditions. I'm fed up of getting dripped on! The bowsprit could do with varnishing again, and that's ready to bring home too, but it will have to wait until Worm's varnolled and out of the garage to make room.