Sunday, 14 September 2014


We got a replacement pin for the Wykeham Martin drum. Of course it is brand new and shiny compared to the years of patina on the rest of the assembly. There is a small gap at the ring end even when the thread is fully home, but it fits nice and tightly.

In other news, we have decided where Robinetta will spend the winter. She will be at Adam Way's yard at Cairnbaan. That is just a short trip from Ardfern. We will take her there during the first weekend in October and she will stay there until some time in April. We may talk to Adam about doing some winter work. She is letting quite a bit of water in via the top sides - not good for sleeping on a rainy night, and we still haven't completely cured the garboard leak.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

1937 to 2014 Track

I've put this map together to show Robinetta's circumnavigation. She started in Rock Ferry in 1937 and ended in Rosneath. In 1938 she travelled as far north as the Sound of Sleat and then returned to Liverpool via Northern Ireland. Later in 1938 she moved to Beaumaris for the winter. In 1947 she sailed from Beaumaris to Weymouth and in 1949 she must have sailed from Weymouth to the Crouch.

In 2013 we sailed her to Cowes and back to West Mersea, so the coast line we don't have written logs for is only from Weymouth to Cowes. This summer (2014) we sailed from West Mersea to Ardfern (green), crossing her southbound path (orange) on the west coast of Scotland. If you click on the map it becomes live and you can open the legend and zoom and scroll. This is disabled until you click to prevent problems with scroll wheels and gestures.