Sunday, 27 March 2011

A good day

Sunday looked good for a day at the boat. I wasn't sure what I would do. I was feeling depressed with a headache from lack of sleep.

We loaded up the sails and seats and just about everything that was at home. If she's going in the water soon we need her loaded up, even if we still have stuff to do on the mooring.

I spent the morning re-chocking the mast and tightening the fore-stay and shrouds and we went and bought a bosun's chair and Alison went up the mast and succeeded in replacing the VHF antenna. It was a long process, made harder by the need to remove the old cable from the copper tube that acts as conduit between the mast head and the shrouds. The rig worked well. I hauled Alison up using the jib halyard as far as it would reach then shifted to the dynema we had put on the topsail sheave. The staysail halyard acted as a safety line. I used the winch on the dynema. Alison could stand on the hounds for some of it which helped a lot.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Pawl Springs

Here are the old port winch pawl springs. I'm guessing they are 18, 19 or 20 AWG bronze and they fit holes in the pawls that are about 6mm diameter.

So much to do

Had a good day on Thursday. Fitted the new transducer and made a new teak piece for the bow. Alison is getting on well with painting. Still the VHF antenna to do and so much else. Back to winter today so a day at home. Finally got around to looking at the defective winch. New springs esential I think. Filed the inside if the top to make a better purchase for the pawls in two of the notches.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring at last

Alison has been working on her most days but there still seems lots to do. We got the fore-stay chain plate fitted on Saturday. We had to wait until past high tide to get across the Strood. This spring tide is very high because the moon is at perigee - a 20 year earth-moon minimum. The sun was warm and there is blossom on the trees.

On Saturday evening we went to the East Coast dinner at the Royal Burnham. Sat opposite "Harry" who remembers working on Robinetta at Burnham in the 1960s. He said the Heriot's were a respected family with two boats being looked after by the yard, Robinetta and another, larger boat.

Got the new bulward primed on Sunday.

Sunday, 13 March 2011


The new planking to replace the rotten bulwarks is finally in place. The rotten piece was not original, but I had to take of some of the original forward of the rotten piece to have somewhere to scarf the new wood in. Yesterday it looked pretty awful but I'm happy with it now.
The hole for the echo sounder is getting smaller, thanks to marine epoxy plastic padding. I can't see any decent alternative to epoxying in the transducer - the keel is just too deep to fit it in a removable manner.
Still lots to do - a plank on the port stern is trying to lift and some caulking needed around it too. The forestay chain plate is nearly ready to refit - the old holes have been filled with dowel and re-drilled. The new propeller is not fitted yet and I haven't been up the mast to fix the VHF antenna. It does feel a bit less daunting now.