Sunday, 12 February 2017

Dead-eyes - continued

These are the last three of the four. The first was a try-out and I thought I'd ruined it but I managed to save it.

They were done with the steps in a particular order and I recommend it. First I cut the groove using the router. Then I cut the three holes and then I used the same drill bit at 45° to start rounding the holes to make blind sheaves. The grit cord didn't work, it was too thin. A round rasp is pretty good.

I haven't finished the holes - its easier to do this as one sands the curves in. For the first one I used the round over router bit as I've done before and described last time but for these three I used a simple 45° chamfer. It worked really well, leaving it for the rasp to take the corners off to round.

Then I used 60 grit and then 120 grit carbide paper to smooth them enough for Alison to take-over and varnish.