Sunday, 29 March 2015

Less than a month to the launch date!

It seems like a very long time since I posted anything on the blog. We did go to the boat show, and bought a new DSC radio, an ICOM M323, and Julian got the bits for the new depth gauge back in December, but neither of us got round to writing anything about it. Having Robinetta so far away makes winter work an impossibility. Even if we had the time off work to travel to Cairnbaan we could not get much done. The boat is not undercover, and the days are too short and cold to dry off the dew and let us get anything done. I miss being able to say "Oh, it's dry and warm(ish) today, I'm going to the boat!"

Julian, Alex, and I will be heading north straight after Easter, for a week's solid work on Robinetta before she goes back in the water in mid April. With work to do inside as well as out we will be busy whatever the sky throws at us and I am now thinking hard about what we need to do before we leave home.

The rigging is in pretty good shape, but the mast hoops could do with varnish, and there is some serving to renew. There is not a lot to do, but actually making a start on it after a winter's indolence is hard going.

We never got the quote we asked for from Adam Way about stopping the leaks in the forehatch, so I'll have to do something about that, and the issues the new surveyors report highlighted. I'll be spending the next week making lists of things that have to be done before Robinetta is craned in!