Sunday, 9 September 2018


I got to Tollesbury about 10am and met Paul, the manager for Tollesbury Saltings and Max, a friendly  Labrador who is, I think, really in charge. We looked at several berths but with Alison's broken toe the one on the path near the car park was the obvious one for now. I rang Alison and explained how to get to it.

Alison got Robinetta off her mooring at Salcott at about 11am and motored the 3 miles round the corner. I waited by the entrance and when she got near she called me on the phone and I guided her to the entrance.

I walked along the decking towards the gut, paralleling Robinetta.

There is a narrow gut to get through marked by leading marks. I shouted over to Alison and she guided Robinetta through the gut and around onto our berth.

 We got her secured and unloaded most of what was to come off and then went for a fine lunch at the Cruising Club. That meant we could go back and see how she went down into the mud. Less than an hour after high water we were aground. I'm not sure we can get in and out of this berth at neaps!

This is the gut at low water.

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